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    Summary Of Closing Costs

    A. Title Insurance. Title insurance fees include settlement fees, title examination fees and the insurance premium. The premium will vary with the dollar amount of the loan and/ or the purchase price of the property.

    B. Documentary Stamps. Documentary Stamps are $3.30 per thousand. For example, $100,000 = $330.00

    C. Recording Fees. Recording fees are due on the deed, the mortgage, release of a mortgage, and any other documents that may be required to provide the purchaser with good title to the property. The cost of recording documents executed in connection with a particular transaction is $15.00 for the first page and $5.00 for every subsequent page.

    D. Loan Costs. Loan costs may include, but are not necessary limited to, origination fees, points (discount), tax service fees, loan certification fees, document preparation fees, and any other fees that may be required by the bank or the mortgage company to service the loan.

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